About Us


It was a dark and stormy night... just kidding, it was a decently lit stormy afternoon in the Nicoya peninsula of Costa Rica. Co-founder Nora felt like a stuffed sausage in the largest attractive surf suit the market offered as she stumbled through finding her footing on her surf board. As lightning flashed above the trees and thunder rumbled across the canopy, an idea popped into Nora's mind: I'm going to make own clothing.


And so, upon returning home to the Pacific Northwest, the idea began to germinate and soon, 124 West sprouted with three core beliefs:

1. All women, no matter their size, deserve access to attractive active wear they feel comfortable in

2. We need to do our part to help clean the ocean and prevent further damage

3. Our clothing must be ethically made.


We live our beliefs by offering 10 sizes (XXS-4X) and use fabric woven from recycled materials. Each items you wear is made from recycled plastic bottles, ghost netting, and other sources that help minimize our impact on the environment. On top of that, we set aside 10% of our profits to donate to organizations working in marine conservation. To make sure none of our clothing is made in a sweatshop or using child labor, all of our garments are manufactured in the United States from fabric sourced from the United States and Europe.


We're a small company, just starting out, but we are confident we are providing something no one else has been courageous or bold enough to offer. 


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